Closing arguments for the murder George Zimmerman are today… ‪#‎Revolt‬ ‪#‎NoJusticeNOPeace‬  KLM

Closing arguments for the murder George Zimmerman are today…
‪#‎Revolt‬ ‪#‎NoJusticeNOPeace‬


together we are strong

together we are strong

OLA- Earth Solidarity Front Meeting @4pm Wednesday

F Square Printing 519 S. Spring St.

Please join us for a meeting of the newly formed Earth Solidarity Front an OLA response committee to environmental degradation and corporate control of the planet! We are in solidarity with other environmental groups and hope to network and build efforts through direct action and critical interventionist communication.

Help us grow the vision and join us for a mini-teach-in by Javier Sethness-Castro on his book “Imperiled Life: Revolution against Climate Catastrophe”.

Imperiled Life

"It bears noting that the Permian Age, unlike the end-cretaceous extinction event that began at Chicxulub, is thought to have been caused not by asteroid impact but rather by catastrophic climate change induced by intense volcanic activity that was accelerated through positive feedback mechanisms that ultimately synergized in dismantling the planets protective ozone layer. Unless radically interrupted, the life destruction currently being prosecuted by global capitalism will be similarly catastrophic".

Meetings and Events in our Community 07/20 - 07/26

It takes time, love and cooperation to work together horizontally to organize in our communities. Please come to a meeting or event to get involved, or join our organizing efforts online.  Participate in building the revolution!

Friday July 20th @ 7:30pm Literacy Working Group- Pershing Square
(if you want to help tutor people how to read, write and prepare for the GED)

Friday July 20th  @ 6:30pm Free Bradley Manning Working Group Meeting- Pershing Square (if you want to help strategize for an action in the late August trial of Bradley Manning, reaching out to college students,  messaging around anti-torture) Please join the Free Bradley Manning SOCAL Working Group on Facebook to help with organizing efforts)

Friday July20th @ 7:30pm Town Hall Meeting Planning- Pershing Square (if you want to help plan a town hall meeting for business owners, artists, community residents and the general public to speak out about what happened at Art Walk)

Saturday July 21st @ 3pm Meeting to discuss CCA Coalition proposal for OLA- Pershing Square (if you want to help write and revise a proposal for involvement and participation in the coalition against CCA via weekly meetings and supporting the on the ground efforts of the 626Wilshire occupation) Please join the Siege on 626Wilshire/CCA group on facebook to join organizing efforts.

Saturday July 21st @ 4pm Tent Tribe Banner Making and Practice March Themed GA- Pershing Square (to make banners and chill with good people while practicing marching tactics and sharing ideas)

Monday July 23rd @ 6pm Chalk Walk Planning Meeting- Pershing Square (if you want to share ideas and build a vision / strategic plan for next months Art Walk)

Monday July 23rd @7:30 IDEAS ASSEMBLY- Pershing Square (to share and grow ideas, form working groups and build discussion)

Monday July 23rd @10:30pm FILM SCREENING of ‘UNDIVIDED’- 626Wilshire (for a film on the struggle of immigration by a civil rights group in Chicago- youtube only in spanish )

Tuesday July 24th @4pm ACTION  Siege at CCA: Chief Executive Luncheon- Meet atPershing Square

Tuesday July 24th @ 7:30pm Legal Committee Meeting - UCLA Labor Center, MacCarthur Park

Wednesday July 25th @1pm CCA Coalition with LA CAN Planning Meeting- LA CAN
(if you want to grow the strategy against the CCA, gentrification and the influence of private interests in public space and the DTLA community) 

Wednesday July 25th @ 6:00pm The People 2012- Planning Meeting- Solidarity Park

Wednesday July 25th @ 7:30pm Occupy Los Angeles General Assembly
(to discuss and participate in collective decision making and direct democracy)

Thursday July 26th @ 7:00pm Art For Whose Sake: The nexus of news, art-making and message (Candle light vigil and participation) @ The Crawford Family Forum 474 South Raymond Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105

And don’t forget, the #626Wilshire Project has an encampment at the CCA Building downtown. Stop by for some lively political conversation! Join the working group here.

on the real though, we need donations of chalk for our illicit activity on thursday. please help us fight back against criminalization of free speech and tyranny. drop off chalk at pershing square tmrw during the day or any night at the 626Wilshire CCA occupation.


I live in a direct action collective, who in the last three weeks has been working furiously to support the on the ground efforts of tent tribe- the los angeles commune roaming street collective.

They have been protesting the CCA, a fascist lobby group that takes money from banksters and…

(Source: dystopiance)


Once you dare to call out oppression, you will be more blatantly oppressed than ever before. you will act, you will make decisions, you will strategize, you will organize. because at some point, you have no other choice than to invest all of your energy and talent in your community in solidarity against oppression. you will be judged by both the state and your comrades. It will never be enough.

You will be targeted by the state. They will try to demoralize you, they will bully you and beat you and arrest you. You will wake up. You will show up again. You will refuse their authority, you will protest. You will face internal pressure from the radical community because this time- you will not compromise on your principles.

I have felt freedom and anarchy and it requires constant vigilance, constructive conversation and confrontation, checking oneself and opening oneself up to deconstruct our oppressive conditioning that makes us treat each other with no respect. Horizontalism, no hierarchy, no ageism, no bullying, no assumptions. Solidarity in the face of all oppression.