Point of Clarification: OLA Political Autonomy

It has come to our attention that occupylosangelesnews.org, a platform run by Mitch Ward, has issued an ‘endorsement issue’ calling for the reelection of Barack Obama. This platform claims to be “the news of Occupy LA from Occupy LA media live from the ground.” However this is not the case, he has not participated actively or horizontally with the movement and has completely managed the content produced and the agenda set by his paper- at this point implying the position of Occupy Los Angeles’s on the upcoming 2012 elections.

No consensus has been developed around the upcoming election and as such no ‘official position’ can be taken or implied in the name of Occupy Los Angeles.

Our movement is an amorphous body of decentralized groups working together towards collective liberation. Speaking for the amorphous body of Occupy Los Angeles does a great disservice to the autonomous and direct political actions of individuals who participate according to our principles. In fact, upon discussion with participants you would find a wide array of positions on the current political establishment.

- Statement of Clarification from OccupyLA Social Media

The following is Occupy Los Angeles consented to statement of political autonomy [January 16th, 2012]: 

Occupy Los Angeles is a movement for the people by the people. We are not a political party, we are not a business, we are not an organization; we are a movement of people standing in solidarity with one another across the world.

Our movement is comprised of independent individuals who take autonomous action to advance the movement every day. We encourage and respect this autonomous activity, but do not support those who claim to speak for Occupy LA unless requested to do so by the General Assembly. To all, we say: speak with us, not for us.

We welcome all who wish to engage in participatory, horizontal, transparent democracy and collective decision making. We welcome and respect dissent. We encourage the participation of individuals, groups and organizations who wish to support and engage with our movement knowing that doing so will mean questioning their own institutional frameworks and hierarchies, and integrating our principles into their modes of action.

We stand in solidarity with all other HORIZONTAL AND AUTONOMOUS “Occupy” movements and communities, but also recognize and respect their autonomy, as we hope they will ours.

We want to emphasize that Occupy LA is not, and never has been, affiliated with any established political party, candidate or organization as this would directly contravene our spirit of independence. We strive to challenge the rigid, oppressive structures sustaining the inherent inequalities created by our current socioeconomic political reality. We seek to empower communities to share their collective resources and subvert laws and institutions which place profit above people.