We killed kings, Czars,
and Presidents. 
Threw bombs at Hitler and 

We helped create Linux,
Firefox, and wikis. Wrote 
open source and hacked
past all restrictions.

We raised great armies in 
Spain, Korea, and 
Ukraine. Fought in the 
trenches against all odds 
to protect and defend the 
world against Fascism,
Imperialism, and 

We rebuilt New Orleans. 
Snuck past the State’s
mercenaries to provide 
medical aid long before 
anyone else arrived.

We constructed libraries, 
schools, and radio towers 
in the jungle with AKs 
strapped to our backs.

We read the constitution 
aloud in dusty western 
city squares and laughed
knowingly when officers
arrested us for treason.

We died bringing you the 
eight-hour day.

We climbed the redwoods 
and burnt logging trucks, 
saving great forests.

We stole back hundreds 
of factories from distant
corporate bosses and are 
still running them more