Free Anthony and Nicol

It’s a funny thing… when you’re fabulously anti-capitalist and fighting “money in politics”, you’re buggered when you need cash. It’s a choice we make, and the Police State knows this. They have broken social justice movements in the past by breaking their funding with arbitrary arrests and high bails.

We’re seeing this again in Occupy Los Angeles and we need help. Having exhausted our bail fund with the escalating police repression in the last several months, our Anti-Piggy Bank is empty. 

Anthony is having a rough time in jail after being kidnapped by the pigs. The last time he was in front of a judge, the man allegedly warned him he’d face an “automatic $90,000 bail” next time he’s arrested. :::rage!!!::::

So we need six thousand bucks for our comrades, our friends, our occupiers. Please help us spring Anthony loose from that oppressive shit-hole where they’re keeping him. Free the Prisoners! Nicol hasn’t requested to be bailed out as of yet.

  • He is targeted because he is brave and defiant, speaking truth to ignorance in the face of brutal police power. He is targeted because he is both an inspiration and an agitator. He has seen the power of the people and given his life over to this cause. The police think they can target those who are consistently active to demoralize us. WE MUST SHOW THEM THAT THEY HAVE NO POWER OVER OUR EMOTIONS AND ACTIONS.
  • Please help Anthony Loscano by donating to his bail fund. Without people like Anthony, there would not be a nonviolent, front line resistance in LA. He has been repeatedly targeted for his refusal to stand down in the face of our oppressors and he needs our assistance in monetary form. Anything will help.
  • Nicol is a beautiful vegan radical bicyclist who loves the resistance and does not let the police state silence her voice. She has been arrested multiple times by the LAPD, had her bike clipped by a police cruiser, and was brutalized for questioning the false arrests made by the LAPD. Her favorite quote is “LAPD back up off me”. FTP.
  • The first time I met Nicol I gave her a ride to union station after she had been in jail for weeks because of her magnificent defiance against the system. Her spirit and strength was admirable after such trama. Having said that there is only so much a person can take before the prison industrial complex starts to hurt our people. Her art and hardcore feminist presence is necessary to our movement. Please help keep our sister’s beautiful energy by getting her out of these oppressive shackles.